Success in Procurement is a combination of skills, experience, methodology, deep information and commercial and operational savvy, all of which VENALDIE fully represent.

In VENALDIE we have direct relationship with Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers for all kinds of products and parts and maintain a strong procurement and supply chain management network that helps our clients get full value

We provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services, a unique process and attention to details approach to delivering outstanding results for our customers.

With our Supply chain, we have the right processes, automation tools, local and foreign market data, volume and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers. The responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and services from reliable and diverse suppliers and sub- contractors, where they are needed right on time and at the lowest possible cost of ownership


We work closely with Manufacturers and Suppliers to avoid waste and boost productivity and to constantly address the ever-increasing cost pressure in the market place. We also consider the competitive situation to expand our supplier’s portfolio by using transparent and fair auction to award contracts to the best performing bidder.


Our expediting strategies and approach are Top-notch. We not only ensure that goods and items which are purchased arrive in a timely fashion but also meet all quality control standards, safe packaging, and are exactly to the specification that was agreed between the suppliers and the clients without any form of compromise.


For our customers we create and steer lean, flexible and high frequency logistics process along the entire supply chain. With best-in-class delivery performance, quality and costs we make a contribution to supply chain excellence.


We pride our self on providing high quality and comprehensive material management services and continually seeking ways to improving our value-chain by ensuring logistics and procurement processes are managed effectively and efficiently.  Our material management involves material planning, purchasing, receiving and inspection, warehousing, inventory control, material handling, disposal of scraps and value analysis.


Our dedicated management structure ensures that all of our project’s schedules are met or exceeded in a safe and effective manner by hiring the right Sub-contractors through relevant and attention-to-detail verification process for selection of Sub-contractors.

And because we are fully aware that accurate and responsive communication as well as planning, tracking, reporting, and quality assurance /control are all part of managing a safe and effective project,  we work closely and stay fully involved in every step of the project to ensure it’s completed on time and with excellent workmanship, keeping the lines of communication open with our Sub-contractors and daily reviewing of progress reports as all major milestones are met.