Fire Sprinkler

Venaldi Engineering Ltd provides fire fighting system for buildings that will improve the safety of the building. From fire doors, fire fighting equipment to passive fire protection, we will ensure your building is protected from fire.

We supply fire fighting equipment like: hoses, reels cabinets, fire hydrants, valves and risers for buildings that will save lives and reduce the effects of fire in your building.

Automated Water Sprinkler systems: fully compliant with the latest world standards for sprinklers system installation with electrical, diesel & jockey pumps.

Hose Reels and Hydrants Systems: hose reels systems and wet or dry hydrant systems with separate pumps or combined with sprinklers’ pumps.

Foam Flooding Systems: for special purpose buildings.

Special Fire Suppression Systems: CO2 and FM-200 gas suppression systems for communication and server rooms, electrical panels and transformer rooms and other sensitive areas, complete systems including control panels, gas cylinders, batteries and automatic smoke and fire detection.

Our certified range of fire extinguishers can be used to tackle all types of fires like wood, paper, chemical and more.