In VENALDIE, we deliver world-class engineering services to our client while meeting project specification, quality, schedule and cost without compromising standards.

Our engineering services processes- from concept to detailed design poduces great and consistent results.

PLANNING PHASE : For client who intend to create new project, we will provide our services for studying and planning of projects in the area of Master Planning and Feasibility Studies. For client that intends to undertake new project, we prepare conceptual design which shows outline of new projects. Based on the blueprint thereby prepared, we carry out feasibility studies which considers the profitability or otherwise of the business project.

FRONT-END-ENGINEERING DESIGN: The FEED phase is the most critical time for controlling costs, optimizing the design and confirming the project execution strategy.

A good FEED can help determine a project’s usability; performance; cost effectiveness; specific requirements; and long-time operability, safety and environmental compatibilities.

In VENALDIE, our front-end-engineering design reflects all of the above and even more. During the FEED phase, we connect all the right dots by establishing close communication between the clients and operators and contractors to work up the project specific requirements, ground work and technical details.

DETAILED ENGINEERING DESIGN: In our detailed design services, we transform the conceptual into the final design and create full definition of every aspect of a project development and studies to be performed before projects construction start.

ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT AND CONSTRUCTION: Engineering and design works are performed through co-ordination and team work among the specialised discipline of engineers and project engineers who managed overall EPC.

Materials are procured within working budget of project, production progress control after order and quality control by inspection and transportation to sites according to a project schedule.

INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING: In VENALDIE we provide scalable and comprehensive solution that goes beyond EPC scope to include installation and commissioning services that leverage a field-proven methodology, together with great customer support system.

We aim to support our clients all through from the early phase of projects; from the basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and assembly until the final safe and orderly hand over of the project to the client including assisted operation phase while guaranteeing its operability in terms of performance, reliability, and safety and information traceability.

Our commissioning process also apply not only to new projects, but also to existing units and system subject to expansion, renovation and revamping.