Venaldi Engineering Limited consists of a great team of skilled professionals, we use the latest in technology by leading manufacturers in the world.

We also ensure our clients get the best and ensure our HVAC are cost effective and durable.

Our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) include:

i. Central Air–Conditioning: for large commercial systems

ii. Air-Cooled Systems that are suitable for large scale energy efficient installations.

iii. Water-Cooled Systems: the latest technology of liquid chillers, cooling towers and air terminal units of constant flow and Variable Air Volume (VAV).

iv. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF): air conditioning systems suitable for office blocks, hotels and multi – rooms buildings.

v. Direct Expansion (DX) Commercial Systems: single–packaged units and split units suitable for air conditioning of large single-zone areas.

vi. Computer & Data Centers: HVAC combined solution for temperature, humidity and air purification incorporated with microprocessor controls and digital displacements.

vii. Smoke (Fire) Control Systems: air pressurizing and smoke exhaust system for safe evacuation of high-rise building and large public halls.